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I’m impressed with Harish’s ability to assimilate and apply all the knowledge and principles I teach. Any leader will be lucky to have him as a coach!


Marshall Goldsmith


Harish’s powerful voice and stage presence make him a very impactful and charismatic speaker. I was happy to have had him as my student!

Les Brown


Harish is the man! 

With his many years of experience in banking & business in leadership roles, his great listening skills and his natural service attitude, he makes a great executive Leadership coach. It is my pleasure to have him as one of my certified students!


John Maxwell

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LTL Atul Gautam

Atul Gautam
Senior Advisor
Incharge Delhi Chapter
Indian Banks Association


Harish is the wonder-coach. I have known him for around 4 decades and have always admired his unique charisma in communication, his powerful stage presence and his vast knowledge. But only after becoming his client could I truly appreciate what a jewel of a person and a coach he really is. He helped me tremendously in moving forward as a leader and now, myself along with my teams and my whole company are immensely grateful for the wonderful positive transformation we experienced through his coaching. I sincerely wish that every leader could experience this magic! God bless!

LTL Sandip Goenka

Sandip Goenka
Fellow Actuary
VP Finance


The energy that Harish has is simply contagious. He lifts you almost instantaneously and never lets you return to your previous zone. I have personally benefited immensely from being coached by him and would urge anyone looking for a world-class leadership coach to look no further. In Harish you will find all you expect and much more!

LTL Rakesh Bhutoria

Rakesh Bhutoria
CEO Srei Infrastructure Finance Ltd


Harish is a very impactful leadership coach and I’m blessed to have experienced it first-hand. I have benefitted immensely through his coaching. I love his personality, style, experience and commitment as well as his ability to deeply care and gently push one beyond their limitations. Any leader would be fortunate to have him as a coach! Strongly recommended!